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2020-2021 COVID Policy


Return to Action Plan

COVID Pre-Game Questionnaire

Visiting Team COVID information


St Petersburg College Athletics Covid Policy in conjunction with the St Petersburg College Plan.

This plan details the actions the SPC Athletics Department will perform to protect the safety of all our team members, including student-athletes, coaches,administrators, medical personnel, and officials. This document will be updated throughout the 2020-2021 academic year to reflect the changing situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic and changing guidelines.
Date of Issue: July 1, 2020
Current Relevant Guidelines
Below are the guidelines taken into consideration when creating the St. Petersburg College Athletic Department Return-to-Play Plan for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. These plans are subject to change as the situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic evolves. Links to current guidelines used for this plan are included in Appendix I.
•Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
•American College of Health Association
•State of Florida
•Florida Association of Colleges
•Pinellas County Health Department
•City of St. Petersburg
•City of Clearwater
•City of Treasure Island
•St. Petersburg College

Key Planning Considerations
In developing this plan and considering the unique aspects of athletics, it is logical to make the following conclusions correlating athletics and CDC guidelines.
•Each team is a single infectious unit, essentially a family, per CDC guidelines.Team members often live together and are in constant close contact, makingthis the only feasible assumption.•Team members include student-athletes and coaches. All are personnel thatare in consistent close contact with the team. During campus arrival activities,all team members will be uniquely identified to insure we minimize contactwith anyone not on the team member list.

•This implies that our main concern is keeping the different teams apart,maintaining social distancing and eliminating cross-contamination betweenteams and Athletics Administration.
Campus Arrival
Upon arrival to campus, the Athletic Department at St. Petersburg College will carefully review each athlete for the presence of underlying health conditions that places the individual at higher risk for COVID-19. Those individuals will have a plan customized to their needs, created by the coach, in consultation with contractedathletic trainer.
•Campus - Arrival Checks - We will conduct campus-arrival screening andevaluation of student athletes when they first arrive on campus in August andagain in January. We will also conduct the Pre-Arrival Checks wheneverthere are extended breaks from practices and classes when students arelikely to travel.i.A list for each team will be made available that includes all teammembers to be considered part of the team “Family”. This is intendedto include student-athletes, managers, and coaches. Therefore, socialdistancing is not required within the team, but is required with anyonenot a team member.ii.Each student athlete, coach and athletic department staff member willbe required to do a campus-arrival screening and evaluation anytime extensive travel takes place. This includes, but is notlimited to, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, andSpring Break.(See Appendix A for the form)iii.Consider further evaluation of a student athlete based upon theirquestionnaire and recommendation of team trainer or student healthor primary care provider. Ensure on-site access to appropriate PPEin the event of a concerning student athlete questionnaire orscreening.iv.Understand that scheduling changes could impact the immediateavailability of individual athletes or teams upon return to campus.v.At the time of publication of these guidelines, the question ofCOVID-19 testing of all intercollegiate athletes or other at-risk groupshas not yet been settled. Given the current limitations of testingtechnology and interpretation of the results, it is clear that even acombination of testing for both infection (nucleic acid or antigentesting) and immunity (serologic or antibody testing) cannot provide acomprehensive picture of the safety of the student athlete "herd."There will also be questions about the need for repeated testing andhow often.

•Orientation - In order to stay in compliance with current CDC guidelines, theannual athletic orientation will be conducted by individual team ensuring socialdistancing guidelines are met. This orientation will include COVID-19training, current policies and procedures and expectation of incomingstudent-athletes and staff to help with instituting the COVID-19 Return Planestablished by St. Petersburg College Athletics.•Team Physicals/Media Day- Team Physicals and Media Day will be conducted byeach individual team with a staggered schedule to ensure student athletes arenot waiting in designated area for physicals.i.All student athletes, coaches, and medical staff will be required to wearface coverings during the media day event at all times unless it needsto be removed for a portion of the physical or for photos.ii.Players and staff will maintain social distancing practices at all times.
COVID Infection Procedures
In the event of an infection, potential infection, or exposure of any team member, the SPC Athletic Department will follow the procedure identified below that is in compliance with SPC Guidelines, Pinellas County and State Guidelines, and the CDC guidelines.
Team Member Presenting COVID-Like Symptoms
In the event any member of athletics, student-athletes, coaches, trainers, presents COVID-like symptoms, SPC will follow the following procedure:
1.Notify the College as per the Communications section below.2.Record the details, person, date and time, symptoms3.Isolate the person presenting symptoms4.Assist in coordinating care for the person presenting symptoms5.Coordinate with the person presenting symptoms, as per county guidelines (seeCounty hotline in Appendix), to get a test for COVID-19.6.Develop a list of close contacts, as per CDC guidelines including:a.Any contacts 6’ or less for 15 minutes or moreb.Or two days prior to reported onset of symptomsc.This is likely to include:i.Team membersii.If a match has been played in the time window above:1.Any other school teams played in the time span2.Officials and others in the gym3.Bus driver or others that travelled to the matchiii.Other students, professors, and other people with close contact.7.Notify the people on the close contact list to begin a 10-day isolation as per CDCGuidelines.

8. Notify the College of the list and the County Health Department (per instructionson the County Hotline)
Team Member Testing Positive for COVID-19
When a team member tests COVID-19 Positive, the same steps as above for someonepresenting symptoms. It is assumed the previous section will take place first, someone presents symptoms, before a COVID test is available.
Notification of a Team Member being exposed to COVID-19
When one or more team members are notified that they have been exposed to COVID-19, as per CDC guidelines and College Procedures:
1.Notify the College as per the Communications section below.2.This may include the whole team when one member of the team is COVIDpositive3.Record the details, person, date and time, symptoms4.Quarantine the exposed person(s)5.Monitor for any symptoms. If they develop symptoms, refer to the sectionabove.
Quarantine and/or Isolation
Isolation is designed for those presenting symptoms or are COVID positive.Quarantine is designed for those exposed to COVID-19.
1.Isolation – Keep distance in all cases and living conditions from others. It is recommended to have a separate living space away from anyone else.2.Quarantine – Stay home and stay away from others who have not been exposed.
Criteria for ending quarantine and isolation per CDC guidelines are listed in the appendix and below for reference:
1.Isolate of a person showing symptoms or testing positive for COVID:a.Quarantine until, you can be with others after having symptoms:b.Three days with no fever andc.Respiratory symptoms have improved (e.g. cough, shortness of breath) andd.10 days since symptoms first appearede.Isolation of a person that tested positive, but no symptoms, after 10 days have passed since positive test you can be with others.2.Quarantine for anyone who has been in close contact to a person with COVID-19a.It is important to remember that anyone who has close contact with someone with COVID-19 should stay home for 14 days after exposure based on the time it takes to develop illness.


Communications of Potential COVID Cases
In the event of potential infection, below is the communication process established by the St. Petersburg College Emergency Management Council
•Provost or Designee should be notified immediately. Provost will make the following contacts:1.President’s Office2.AVP Facilities (who will contact Campus Supervisor and Security)3.Emergency Management Director (who will contact Marketing and Legal)4.Human Resources5.Marketing will determine messaging for campus, collegewide, and media release in collaboration with President’s Office and the Provost.6.Provost and AVP Facilities in collaboration with President’s Office determines response at the campus, i.e. closure, sanitation, etc.
SPC Athletics Facilities
•SPC Gymnasium – The challenge with the gym is that it will be used by several teams, including Volleyball, Men’s Basketball, and Women’s Basketball and Tennis for Conditioning. Additionally, there is talk of courses being offered in the gym during the day. General procedures for the gym include:i.The doors will remain locked, not keyed or propped open at any time.ii.No athletic department personnel, coaches, or team will be in the gym when classes are taking place.iii.There will be a scheduled cleaning of the gym after all classes.iv.Everyone entering the gym will be temperature checked daily, and it will be recorded in a team-specific logbook, prior to entering the gym. We will follow CDC recommendations and every individual who has a temperature reading of 100.3 or higher will not be granted accessv.Each team will be provided thermometers to take will be kept separate at all times to eliminate cross infections.vii.Practice times will be scheduled to leave the gym empty between practices.viii.Teams will sanitize all items used in practice before every practice as per the team-specific plan in the appendix.ix.Tables, chairs, and bleachers will be stored and not available for use and possible cross-contamination.x.Practice Schedule – Draft practice schedule is:a.Women’s Basketball: 1:30 – 4:30


b.Volleyball 8:00 – 12:00c.Men’s Basketball 6:00 – 9:00 pmd.Baseball- In accordance with City of Clearwater schedulee.Softball- In accordance with City of Clearwater schedulef.Tennis- In accordance with Treasure Bay schedule
xi.Student athletes will only be allowed in the gym for scheduled workouts and practices. The gym is not available outside of practice times unless scheduled and coach is present.xii.New NJCAA Guidelines make it mandatory for a coach or athletic trainer who is CPR, first aid, and AED certified be present at all team or individual workouts.xiii.Gym Cleaning Schedule – Each team will be provided cleaning supplies and are responsible for cleaning their own locker rooms. This will help keep team members isolated from others not part of the infectious unit.a.Custodial Services will continue to clean the “common areas” of the gym that include main playing area, public restrooms, visiting team locker rooms, officials area, trash, and main office.
•Specific Areas of the Gymi.Offices – Coaches offices are limited to members of the coach’s team. Main athletic offices will require social distancing of all visitors, including coaches, student-athletes, and other visitors. Offices will be sanitized each night.ii.Deliveries, Vendors, and other non-athletics personnel will deliver all items to the Main Athletics Office, not inside the gym. All packages will be sanitized before taken into the gym.iii.Meeting Room – This space will not be used by any team on game day to avoid cross contamination and contamination by visiting teams during games.a.SPC Volleyball Team uses this space as their “locker room” before matches and visiting team has no locker room.iv.Training Room- The training room at the St. Pete/Gibbs campus is only to be used by a team during that team's scheduled time or by appointment only.•The Athletic Department plans for the following COVID-specific cleaning and sanitization items at the identified locations.i.Disposable Masks – Athletics will have available disposable mask for use by game day staff, athletic trainers, vendors, and others not associated with a particular team. In addition, each team will have disposable masks available.


ii.Hand Sanitizer will be available at facilities, specifically as outlined below:a.St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus Gym – 5i.East and West Entrance on North Side of the Buildingii.Entryway to Men’s Basketball Locker Roomiii.Entryway to Women’s Basketball Locker Roomiv.Guest locker roomb.SP/G Weight Room – 2i.East and South Entrancec.CLW Weight Roomd.JRS- Will need one for SPC’s Baseball locker room housed at Jack Russelle.Softball - Need a mobile optionf.Tennis – three (Supplied by City)iii.Sanitizing Spray and Towels will be available, including the following:a.Weight Room – Six Stations with spray bottles and wipes spread throughout the Wellness center to allow individuals to clean equipment before and after use.b.Gym – spray and towels will be available to clean balls and other multi-person use items.iv.Micro-Fiber Mops - Facilities will provide each team with to disinfect the gym floors following practices.v.Sanitizing Wipesa.Due to the high touch nature of our sports programs at St. Petersburg College, each team will always need to keep sanitizing wipes, disinfecting spray, and hand sanitizer around when in the gym or at wellness – No-touch thermometers will be provided to each team, trainer and Athletics Administration.vii.Athletic Department will provide the following personal protection equipment.a.Face Masks – a total of 1,000 face masks, provided as follows:i.100 each for Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, and Tennisii.200 each for Softball and Baseballiii.200 each for the Athletics Office.b.Thermometers – a total of 13 Thermometers, provided as follows:i.Two each for Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, Baseball, and Softballii.One each for Tennisiii.Two each for the Athletics Officeviii.Facilities will provide the following sanitization equipment


a.Hand Sanitizer – 15 total where two are portable units allocated as five in the gym, two Gibbs weight room, two clearwater weight room, two Jack Russel locker room, two in Softball weight room, two portable for softball to take to the fieldsb.Sanitizing spray and towels – 10 total with six allocated for the Gibbs weight room and four for the Gibbs Gymc.Micro-fiber mops – two total for use in the gym by the Volleyball teamd.Sanitizing Wipes – Eight total, four for the vans (two each) and four for the Gibbs gym
Athletics Department Functions
Athletics anticipates the following department-wide functions that will be affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.
•Award Ceremony – The 2021 SPC Titan’s Awards Ceremony is likely to be Virtual in order to minimize the opportunity of spreading the virus. Since this is in April, the final decision will be made in the spring term.•Department Meetings – All Athletic Department Team meetings will be held via Teams or another Video Conferencing Platform moving forward to prevent the potential of cross contamination of teams.
Sport-Specific Activities
•The procedures for each sport are included in the appendices. Each sport procedure covers the following topics:i.Meetings – Team meeting that will be held on campus will adhere to St. Petersburg College Reopen Guidelines phases and handled accordingly. The Athletic Director will work with Campus Provost to determine the best area for that to take place prior to meeting.a.Team meetings that occur off-site will follow guidelines set forth by that venue (Treasure Bay, Jack Russell Stadium, and Eddie C. Moore).ii.Practice – For Volleyball, Men’s Basketball and Women’s Basketball who practice at the gymnasium at the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus, a schedule with practice times, individual workouts, shoot-a-rounds and walk-throughs will be kept online and in the Athletic Department Office.a.Teams will select “blocks” of time so that cleaning can be done in between each “infectious unit” that will be occupying the gym.


b.The gym floor must be disinfected/cleaned between eachinfectious unit.
iii.Travel – When teams are traveling for competitions, each coach will be responsible for having players, coaches, and all other staff who attend complete the pre-participation survey and have their temperature taken. Any individual who has a temperature above 100.3 degrees OR provides an unacceptable survey response will not be permitted to travel.iv.Competition – When traveling, St. Petersburg College Athletics will follow all applicable CDC, State, and Local guidelines that apply. In addition, we will ensure that we are adhering to all COVID-19 policies and procedures established by the Florida College System's Activities Associations Council of Athletic Affairs.v.Pre-participation questionnaire regarding COVID-19 diagnosis, recent or current illness suggestive of COVID-19, exposure, current restrictions (isolation or quarantine), and/or current symptoms must be completed by all entering the gym on contest days. This includes all visiting players, coaches and athletic staff. (See Appendix B)vi.Housing – If a student athlete tests positive for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the student athletes in that unit will be isolated for the appropriate amount of time and St. Petersburg College notification protocols will be executed.vii.Facilities – All SPC Facilities used by athletics will be used by appointment only and in accordance with specific college and campus return policies.
•Competitions/Games/Matches – SPC will conduct all games in accordance with NJCAA, State of Florida, and FCSAA Guidelines for the sport and incorporate those policies once these guidelines are available.i.Home Games- Given the requirements of Phase I of the SPC Return Plan, fall games hosted at the St. Pete/Gibbs campus will be held without spectators.ii.Anyone deemed “essential” for the game who is not a part of the infectious unit will be required to wear a mask and adhere to the social distancing guidelines.iii.Away Games- In addition to following the above-mentioned policy for travel, St. Petersburg College Athletics will follow all guidelines established by the FCSAA and the host institution.iv.Once FCSAA Guidelines are known, it is anticipated to include temperature checking visiting teams, home teams, and officials when they arrive, before the match. If a team member fails the temperature


check, the game may be rescheduled or cancelled. This function should be conducted by a medical professional and athletic administrator.

St. Petersburg College Athletics Campus-Arrival Questionnaire
Best Contact Number:
Classification: Athlete Coach Staff Other:_____________
Facility (Circle One): SPC Gym
Jack Russell Stadium Eddie C. Moore Treasure Bay
The safety of our student athletes, faculty, staff and their families remain an overriding priority for the St. Petersburg College Athletic Department. As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve and spreads globally, St. Petersburg College and our Emergency Management Council are continually monitoring the situation closely and will periodically update department guidance based on current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State of Florida and the St. Petersburg College Return Task Force. Only student athletes, coaches, medical staff and essential personnel are permitted admittance into SPC owned and/or operated athletic facilities. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to our student athletes, athletic staff, and others, we are conducting a simple screening pre-arrival questionnaire. Your participation is important to help us take precautionary measures to protect you and everyone entering the facility, housing units, and campus facilities. Thank you for your time. Self-Declaration by Individual Completing Form
Have you travelled internationally within the past 14 days: Yes No If yes, please list all countries traveled to:____________________________ If returning from International Travel, the CDC recommends quarantining for 14 days.
Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19
within the last 14 days? Yes No
Are you currently experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms that include fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing? Yes No
Have you experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (to include fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing)? Yes No
Have you been in close contact with anyone who has traveled within the last 14 days to one of the countries with travel advisories listed on the State Department Website?
Yes No
Access to facility (circle one): Approved Denied Signature:___________ Date:_______
Note: The information collected on this form will be used to determine your access right to SPC’s Athletic facilities. For more information, please contact Davie Gill, Athletic Director, at

Name: ______________________________
Date: ____ / ____ / ____
Date of Birth: _____ / ____ / _____
Student ID#:___________________________
Sport: ____________________________
College: ______________________________
Please scan the above listed person’s temperature and record it here.
If above 100.3 degrees, review county guidelines as per COVID Testing.
Have you experienced any of the followign symptioms since your last screening or last 14 days?
Cough? Y N New or worsening cough?
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
Taking any medications to relieve symptoms?
Body or muscle aches? Decrease sense of taste/smell? Sore throat? Headache? If so, what:
If you are experiencing other systems, please list below and provide further details:
1. In the past 14 days, have you been in close proximity to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is presumptive positive for COVID-19? Y N
2. In the past 14 days, have you traveled outside of the United States?Y N
I hereby certify that the responses provided above are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Signature: __________________________________Date: _____________________
Note: The information collected on this form will be used to determine only whether you may be infected with COVID-19. The information on this form will be maintained as confidential.
Access to facility (check one): Approved / Denied College Designee Initials: ____________


 Appendix C – Men’s Baseball Overview The purpose of this plan is to create a safe return to play plan for the St. Petersburg College Baseball Program at Jack Russell Stadium. The stadium is owned and operated by the city of Clearwater, so this plan must also be submitted to the city for approval.
Team Activities
•Practices will be broken up into two groups of 16 and then split up amongst the facility into groups of eight. We will need two practice times to accommodate this.•One group will be on main field and one group will be on back field with one to two coaches each. (10 total people per group)•At assigned time frame, players will be scanned with a thermometer under the shady batting cage walkway. Players early to practice will be instructed to sit in their cars until that time is reached.•Players will be provided a labeled water bottle that they are responsible filling and bringing daily.•Two sanitization stations will be set up each day to allow the players to clean their hands before practice and after throwing programs or interactions with baseballs.•Dugout access will be limited to just items that cannot sit in the sun. All equipment items will be placed at least 6 feet apart along the fence line.•In addition, SPC athletes who use the weight room will undergo the following:oAthletes will be working out no more than nine at a time during four assigned time frames.oTemperature scans will be conducted prior to entry into the weight room.oUpon entry, they will be handed a sanitizing spray bottle and towel. They will have to wipe down the equipment before and after each use.
•Each student athlete and coach will have a temperature scan prior to getting on the bus.Any student athlete or coach with a temperature reading over 100 will not be permittedto take the trip.
•St. Petersburg College Baseball will also follow the policies and procedures establishedby the Florida College Systems Athletics Association Council of Athletic Affairs COVID-19Return to Play Committee. At the time of this publication, those guidelines have notbeen publicized.

Home Games
•St. Petersburg College Baseball will adhere to all city of Clearwater seating guidelines when games resume.•Fans are strongly encouraged not to attend and to watch games on livestream feed.•Only two people allowed in the press box. Will need to create outdoor set up for additional two press box workers.•Dugout and bullpen will be limited to needed personnel only. Will utilize space outside of dugout to follow 6 ft distancing guidelines.•Sanitization station in dugout•No sunflower seeds•No spitting
•At the end of each day, the facility will need to be mopped with approved sanitizer.•Outdoor workouts on the turf field will be utilized when available to avoid indoor use. • Locker room access will be restricted until the state and the college move into phase 4 (100% capacity).•The only access use will be for coach's office use, and medical training needs.•Head Coach will be responsible for the cleaning of office and training areas daily (field/turf/cages).
•Any athlete who shows signs or symptoms will be immediately sent home and quarantined for 14 days.•Athletes are highly encouraged to self-report prior to coming to the facility.•Any and all people players have been in contact with who have tested positive for COVID19 must be reported. This will require isolation from the team, as well.

Appendix D – Softball Overview The purpose of this plan is to create a safe return to play plan for the St. Petersburg College Softball Program at Eddie C. Moore Softball Complex. That complex is owned and operated by the City of Clearwater, so this plan must also be submitted to the city for approval. This plan will also cover the occasional displacement to other practice and play locations which are also owned and operated by the City of Clearwater. Meetings
•The St. Petersburg College Softball team is a single infectious unit; therefore, socialdistancing is not required during meetings. Finding a location is the issue. Need to workwith campus Provost to ensure we are following college policies.
•Practice will be broken up by position and in groups of 10 players or less•Players will be required to wait in their cars until it is time to start practice.•Each player will be provided with their own Gatorade drinking bottle that is labeled with their number and initials.•Bathrooms will be open and soap and water provided.•Equipment will be sanitized on a rotating schedule.
Weight room
•Weight room on campus is cleaned by Clearwater campus staff. Hand wipes, sanitizerand bathrooms with soap and water are provided.
•Each player will bring their own towel.
•Each student athlete and coach will have temperature checked prior to trip and must comply with the 100.3 allowance.•SPC softball will comply with the guidelines set by the CDC, FCSAA and St Petersburg College at the time of travel.
•Will follow City of Clearwater procedures regarding limited fans•Authorized personnel in dugouts•No sunflower seeds


Appendix E – Tennis
Women’s Tennis practices and home matches are held at Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis owned by the City of Treasure Island. This plan will be done in conjunction with the City of Treasure Island. Currently, the city is following all CDC guidelines which include but are not limited to:
•Screening of all individuals entering the facility on information related to travel and health conditions•Gathering of contact information of individuals for social tracking in case of infection•Sanitizing all areas of facility as needed•All common indoor areas wiped down every 30 minutes while open
•Teams are a single infectious unit; therefore, social distancing is not required during meetings. Most meetings are held on-court or in the clubhouse and will follow city policies.
•Practices are held outdoors with four players per court. All equipment, including tennis balls, follows USTA guidelines, which includes sanitizing.•No touch policies set by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) will be followed. These procedures were in effect with the team since early March 2020.
•No overnight matches will be scheduled during regular season. Follow ITA and FCSAAguidelines for matches.
•Line-ups and matches will follow ITA no-touch rules including a set of tennis balls for eachplayer on court. Players change over on opposite sides of nets and have own change overarea. All coaches and players not on court follow CDC guidelines.
Players housed together will follow all reporting SPC reporting procedures as outlined in Come Back task force plan.


•Follow all City guidelines that can be found at

Appendix F – Women’s Basketball
•Women’s Basketball operates from the Gibbs campus gymnasium that is shared with Women’s Volleyball and Men’s Basketball. Our goal is to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our student athletes while we practice, work out and travel to play and compete in games.
•Teams are a single infectious unit; therefore, social distancing is not required during meetings.•Have a designated location on campus to have team meetings and or gatherings for study hall.
•Practice needs to be held only at scheduled times to limit cross contamination between teams. Access to facilities is planned for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after scheduled times.•Temperatures will be checked prior to players’ entry into the gym.•Practice balls or any equipment we use will be wiped down before and after practice and workouts.•Players will wash their hands during breaks at practice.•Student Athletes will have their own personal water bottles and towels for practice.•Student athletes will only be allowed in the gym during WBB designated time frame.•Community bathrooms outside of the gym are for players only.
•Bus Driver will be required to wear a mask during trip.•Bus will be cleaned and sanitized prior to anyone getting on the bus.•Players' temperatures will be checked prior to departing campus.•Hands will be washed and or sanitized prior to entering the bus or vans.•Players and coaches will wear masks while on the bus.
Procedures for competing. Currently, this includes our best thoughts. Ultimately, this section will include adaptation of FCSAA Competition Guidelines.

•Student athletes who live in the apartments will be encouraged to bring proper cleaning supplies, hand soap, mask, gloves, etc.
Student Athletes will be encouraged to follow similar guidelines such as washing hands.

Appendix G – Men’s Basketball
•Men’s Basketball operates from the Gibbs Gymnasium that is shared with Women’sBasketball and Volleyball.
•Teams are a single infectious unit; therefore, social distancing is not required duringmeetings. Finding a location is the issue. Need to work with campus Provost to ensurewe are following college policies.
•Practice needs to be held only at scheduled times to limit cross contamination between teams. Access to facilities is planned for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after scheduled times•Men’s basketball team will clean all balls before/after practice(s).•Mopping of floor should be conducted in conjunction with night cleaning personnel.
•All players must be tested before getting on bus and/or van for all travel games.•<Great questions … no overnight travel? Travel with a Trainer? Always with a bus driver in case a coach gets sick.
•Procedures for competing. Currently, this includes our best thoughts. Ultimately, this section will include adaptation of FCSAA Competition Guidelines.
•(Get with General Counsel and Bill Grey to determine what we can legally do.)
•Only sport-specific facility is the Men’s Locker room.•Install hand sanitation station on the west end of the gymnasium and in Men’s locke room.
COVID-19 Specific Equipment Needs
•Temperature Detectors

Disinfectant Wipes Disinfectant Spray Bottles Towels for Gym Use Mops for the Gym Floor Face Masks Disinfectant Cleaner

Appendix H – Volleyball
•Women’s Volleyball operates from the Gibbs Gymnasium that is shared with Women’s and Men’s Basketball. Volleyball has no locker room in the building, so there is no dedicated space for volleyball to be a concern in this plan.
•Teams are a single infectious unit; therefore, social distancing is not required during meetings. Locations for team meetings will be an issue to be resolved as the season approaches to determine what is possible on campus, in the library, and off campus.
•Practice needs to be held only at scheduled times to limit cross contamination between teams. Access to facilities is planned only during scheduled times as per the practice schedule above. Gym practice schedule is listed above under the gym section. Players are not allowed in the gym before and not after our scheduled practice time.•All team members will be temperature checked and complete the questionnaire before entering the gym from practice.•The volleyball team will clean before practice, including:oUse sanitizing wipes on the hands, phones, etc.oSpray sanitizing all balls and ball cartsoSpray and mop the main volleyball court on the gym floor.oSpray sanitizing any other equipment used in practice.•After practice, the volleyball team will use sanitizing wipes on hands and any other relevant surfaces.•All team members will be required to bring and use water bottles and not drink from the water fountains.
•Volleyball does not plan any overnight travel•Team members and bus drivers will wear masks when traveling.•When team members embark on the bus, they will use sanitizing wipes for their hands, phones, and any other surfaces that might be an issue. This includes when we embark at the Gibbs Gym, after any stops for food or bathrooms, and after the game.


•Procedures for competing. Currently, this includes our best thoughts. Ultimately, this section will include adaptation of FCSAA Competition Guidelines. Current draft is included below:
Suggested “Prevention of Spread” Protocols for Volleyball Matches Amid COVID-19
Below is a list of suggested protocols with the express purpose of limiting the spread of COVID-19 during the 2020 FCSAA volleyball season. This list is a starting point for further discussion recognizing that the COVID-19 situation is still fluid. The most important part of developing this list is to get all Region VIII volleyball participants to have the same preventions in place regardless of where a match is played. This is extremely important for Volleyball, as the season is scheduled to start in August.
•All coaches and players will be required to wear masks in all areas of the facility until they report to their respective benches to begin pre-match warmups.•All match personnel will be required to wear masks at all times.•Match officials will be required to wear masks and use electronic whistles that will be provided by the home team, unless officials provide their own.•No fans will be allowed in the gym, as all home matches will be available via Live Stream.•Visiting teams will not be allowed in the gym until they can be safely escorted by the home team’s designated match administrator. They will immediately go to a designated locker room/area and training area specifically for that team ONLY. Should a designated training area not be possible, time slots for training rooms will be created by the home team for specific use by the opponents. Masks will be required at all times once the team has entered the building.•Team warmups will begin EXACTLY 45 minutes prior to match time. A school representative will be on hand to escort the visiting team en mass to their assigned bench.•There will be no exchange of greetings prior to the match, or after the match. As soon as the match is completed, the visiting team will be escorted en mass to a designated locker room and training room area as quickly as possible.•All officials, scorers, Libero trackers will be required to wear masks at all times.•There will be NO changing of sides once a set is completed. Once the match starts, all team personnel will remain in their designated areas.


•There will be NO meeting of friends, parents, etc. with the players until both teams have completely cleared the building.•A three-ball system will be used and the “playing ball” will be taken out of play after each rally and replaced with a ball that has been wiped down with a sanitary wipe or spray. An additional “bench ball” will be available as well.•NO water coolers will be available on either bench. All water must be consumed by separate water bottles for each player. Home team administrators will assist in filling these up for visiting teams prior to the warm-up period.•Players will be encouraged to maintain social distancing of six feet while the ball is not in play.•There will be NO player captains meeting. Coaches will meet with officials five minutes prior to the warm-up time (50 minutes prior to first serve) to discuss any specific protocols or playing surface issues. Coaches will participate in the coin flip to determine first serve. All coaches and officials will be masked at this time.•If playing at a neutral site, teams would not be allowed in the building until other teams have been completely cleared from the gym and match personnel would have a chance to wipe down all shared surfaces.
•Our players live together and are being treated as a single infectious family unit; therefore, any infection will be spread to multiple team members and isolation of a sick team members is problematic. In this situation, we would need to isolate the entire team for 14 days.
•Currently, there is no sport-specific area in the gym for Volleyball.
COVID-19 Specific Equipment Needs
•Temperature Detectors
•Spray Sanitizer and Towels
•Disinfectant Wipes


 Appendix I – Current Guidelines This appendix identifies the current version of the guidelines with which this plan complies.
•Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)a)When to stop quarantine after being sick (with or without a positive test):i)When it is Sage: 2019-ncov%2Fprevent-getting-sick%2Fwhen-its-safe.htmlii)Quarantine & Isolation: - of a person showing symptoms or testing positive for COVID:i)Quarantine until you can be with others after having symptoms:(1)Three days with no fever and(2)Respiratory symptoms have improved (e.g. cough, shortness of breath) and(3)10 days since symptoms first appearedc)Quarantine of a person that tested positive, but no symptoms:i)After 10 days have passed since positive test, you can be with others.d)Isolation for anyone who has been in close contact to a person with COVID-19i)It is important to remember that anyone who has close contact with someone with COVID-19 should stay home for 14 days after exposure based on the time it takes to develop illness.e)Close Contact - Someone who was within six feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from two days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, two days prior to specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated.•American College of Health Association•State of Florida•Florida Association of Colleges•Pinellas County Health Departmenta)County Health Department call center: 866-799-6121 or•City of St. Petersburg•City of Clearwater•City of Treasure Island

•St. Petersburg College -
•US State Department Travel Restrictions - State Department Website