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Lady Titans moving to Elite Programs

Lady Titans moving to Elite Programs

As is common with many programs in Titans athletics, many second-year student athletes are finding homes at the higher levels of their sport. "We are always sad to see our kids go, but it is great to see them move on to achieve the next step in their dreams" comments Coach White. "This year's sophomores will be missed greatly, but they have achieved a lot here at SPC and are moving on to some of the top programs in the country." Below is commentary on each volleyball player who will be competing at various levels of NCAA volleyball from St Petersburg's program.

Andressa Parise - #3 Ranked Baylor University for Indoor Volleyball

"Andressa is a unicorn, a player a coach only sees once in a lifetime." The Coach's comments bears out in Andressa's accomplishments in her two years at SPC: All-American, Conference Player of the Year, two time All State, and a 4.0 student. "Andressa has be exciting to watch these two years at SPC. She has made me a big fan of volleyball. We are excited for her to move on to such a great program." Davie Gill, Athletic Director.

Roberta Ribeiro de Freitas - #12 Ranked Florida International University for Beach Volleyball

Rita Buck-Crocket, a volleyball legend in her own right, said "Roberta is by far one of the elite beach players to come out of junior college. We were fortunate to have her come to us. She will definitely be one of the best players in college ball!" "Rita is right! Robi is clearly the best in Junior College. In our limited beach season this year, Robi was 4-2 at the #1 spot with victories over top 15 NCAA Division 1 teams." Added Coach White. "I am looking forward to watching Robi play in Gulf Shores next year in the NCAA D1 National Championship!"

Danielle Prior - #18 Ranked Columbia College for Indoor Volleyball

"Dani is a great player, and one of our team leaders. I could always count on her leadership these last two years, both on and off the court. I am excited to see her move on, get a chance to play at the next level and finish her degree. I was very happy two years ago at the airport and picking up two 6' 3" middles. It is sad to see them leave us, but it has been great to work with Dani, and Andressa, and everyone here is excited to see them move on with their life and achieve their dreams."