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Hanson Hit Streak Ends at 16

Hanson Hit Streak Ends at 16

As the Titan's baseball team hits a speed bump in their record breaking offensive season so does Sophomore outfielder Alex Hanson as he suffered his first no hit game of the season ending a streak of 16 games.  "Alex is the engine that makes our offense go.  If he is not getting hits, he is getting on base, and doing what it takes to help the team win." said Coach Beckman about Hanson. 

During the 2015 Season Trey Amburgey set a school record with a 29 game hitting streak.  "Hanson who worked alongside Amburgey all year last year learned what it took to be successful.  What Amburgey did last year was special and that can not be taken away from him.  But we can only hope that Alex can continue what he is doing in conference as he has the ability to put together one of the best offensive seasons in school history." Said Beckman when asked about Hansons streak versus Amburgey's.

The next Titan home game is Friday March 4th a 6pm start at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater, FL.  For more updates on your Titans Baseball visit them on twitter @SPCBaseball.


(Photo By Eddie Michels)