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Massachusetts Calling: Legacy of Baseball’s Northeastern Ties

Will Bruno ( left) and Jared Kapurch are the latest products from baseball's Worcester connection
Will Bruno ( left) and Jared Kapurch are the latest products from baseball's Worcester connection


Recruiting pipelines are quite common. A coach's history or ties to an area may give him insight into the region's best players and thus a leg up in the recruiting process. Usually, these connections come and go with the coaches. SPC's Baseball program appears to be the exception to that system ; throughout the program's history and across coaching changes, a small town called Worcester  has consistently produced some of the programs best names.

Massachusetts native and Pitching Coach Sean O'Connor just smiles when he goes back and looks through Titan Baseball's history books "you'd be absolutely stunned by how many guys came from that one town. There must be 40  guys from Worcester on the books at SPC… and not just slouches but legitimate players". O'Connor's recollections are spot on. In fact, some of the program's most notable alumni hail for Worcester including former MLB All-Star Brian LaHair, current Red Sox scout Dante Riccardi and current University of Dayton First Baseman Alex Brickman.

Naturally, one wonders why a small town in central Massachusetts serves as one of the program's most consistent wells for recruits. Head Coach Ryan Beckman believes he has the answer " First, the baseball up there is underrated. There are good players everywhere and the ones in that part of the country tend to be underrecruited for the Junior College level . When you add in the environment and the competition, we become a destination ". Beckman later adds " I think we've created this gravity around our name and our brand up there where players have had success , which naturally garners attention and thus more interest and then more access to the region".

This positive feedback loop described by Beckman most recently manifested in the form of a duo of Worcester ballplayers by the name of Will Bruno and Jared Kapurch. Bruno, a left handed hitting first baseman garnered a reputation in Massachusetts by hitting everyone that walked onto the mound to face him. His longtime friend Jared Kapurch serves not only as his roommate but his competition- Kapurch is a pitcher for the Titans baseball team. The Worcester boys have made quite an impression on their teammates both for their play and personal attributes. Second year catcher Jamie Minchin says "they're fantastic to be around and to play with. Its obvious they want to be here and they want to win".

When asked what his thoughts were on his catcher's reflections, Kapurch immediately retorted " Of course we want to be here. Who wants to be anywhere else? This is baseball in paradise for Will and I".

If history is any indication, there will be plenty more talented ball players like them on the way soon enough.